Hey there
Hey there

Hey there

I’m Andie Diep Nguyen

I’m a UX designer passionate about creating products that facilitate and inspire users in their everyday life. With a background in project management and app localization, I apply my market research skill and scrum master skill into my UX design process.
Currently looking for an internship/junior UX position in Seoul or remote

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My illustrations

When I’m not doing user research or prototyping, I love sketching and playing around with illustration tools.
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Feel free to contact me here if you want to cooperate on a project, share some thoughts or simply doodle together🙂
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Though I've always enjoyed sketching and telling stories since I was in kinder garden, my curiosity and interest in UX design only started when I worked as an assistant project manager at an IT outsourcing company. I got a chance to examine and implement UX designs in both web and mobile projects. I experienced firsthand the importance of a well-researched UX design and the value of effective communication with developers in the success of each project. Participating in regular meetings between UI/UX designers and customers to modify and finalize software design plans, I gradually want to be more involved in the UX process and design intuitive digital products myself.
My approach to UX is to let research data decide what to design then design that one thing very well. A well-designed product that meets customer needs will bring values to the business.